Mr Bróg

Przemyśl is the only place in Poland where pipes are manufactured - and those pipes are the best souvenir from this beautifull city. Our company tradition started in 1948 and since 1991 company name is Mr Bróg. We combine passion of artistic creation with buisness. In Poland, our company has reached highest position on tabacco pipe manufacturing market. Additionally in our workshop we produce smoking accessories, souvenirs and are even sculpting in wood. Materials that we use are best in their class and they possess highest technological parameters. We use them to fullfill expectations and needs of our customers mixed with highest pipe craft standards. Wide range of our prodcuts and invidual approach to every product results in unique experience. We are using chisels and milling cutters and so, are able to create even the most interesting ideas coming from our customers.
Zbigniew Bednarczyk


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